The Team

Coming together when it counts.

Rich Pemberton
CEO and Founder

Rich is always on the hunt for remarkable. Schooled in the arts, he’s been an entrepreneur and creative communication strategist for over 20 years. With international experience, in Europe and USA, he’s worked for some of the biggest brands on the planet; in tech, E-comm, fashion, retail, hotel and leisure. He bailed on big agency life - the creative founder of Instinctif, and has been heads down working to build his own thing, his way, ever since.

Mario Muttenthaler
Strategic Marketer and Co-Founder

Mario is a senior level strategic marketer - and fresh-faced co-founder of Remarkably’s marketing services. Styled to the T (and a founding member and former Director of MR PORTER), he’s spent his time crafting and growing international brands in retail, tech, travel, and luxury fashion - and has an envious 20-year pedigree in e-commerce. He has a deep understanding of brand, customers, product and sales...and an insatiable thirst for the intrepid.

Tess Holmes
Design Director

Tess has over 19 years experience under her belt working across a variety of disciplines. She has significant experience of board-level creative and communication process development, and prides herself on being a strategic thinker, who can deliver to brief to craft something that is both strategic and creative.

Simon McGrath
Client Services Director

Simon is an experienced client services specialist with a passion for all things creative. Delivering impactful campaigns is what gets him out of bed in the morning. And, as a people-person, he loves building and nurturing long-term relationships with clients and teammates - working together to nail spot-on strategies and bring brilliant ideas to life.

Victoria Dew
Employee Experience Strategist

Victoria has 20+ years of business experience, including a specialist in global corporate communications, with a focus on employee experience and culture transformation. As a consultant, coach, facilitator and in-house practitioner, Victoria has worked in more than a dozen industries and sectors,  with diverse businesses;  from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Desray Preston
Senior Creative

Fairing from the  shores of South Africa, she’s on the hunt to explore, discover and challenge the status quo. She’s worked across 3 international markets. A self-titled ‘bit-of-an-odd -ball’, she has a real flair for problem solving, chasing sunrises and pursuing symmetry. She’s a restless spirit, asks the tough questions and cuts through the crap, finding creative ways to communicate and enhance brand experience. Oh, and she's a kick-ass talented designer too.

Shuma Talbot
Brand Designer

Shuma has been practicing design since 2003. Her career has taken her from the UK, to Dubai to Australia and some incredible places along the way. Her work has helped transform brands across multiple platforms, specialising in brand identity, environmental design and wayfinding. Good design to her is a bright idea, beautifully crafted.

Hailey Phillips
Art Director

Hailey is a globe-trotting designer who’s made her mark at international branding agencies in London and Amsterdam. With over 20 years’ experience, she’s worked her magic on a wide range of projects including brand identity creation and refreshes, campaigns, advertising, events, packaging...and even guerrilla marketing. Her superpower is her ability to keep smiling when a deadline looms.

Aaron Hocking

Branding, packaging and illustration is Aaron’s thing - and he’s brought his expertise to everyone from start-ups to big-name brands. A colourful character, he loves fun and vibrant design that turns heads. Having worked closely with teams big and small - inspiring, and being inspired - he knows what it takes to create campaigns with wow-factor.

George Brown
Digital Designer

Graduating in the midst of a pandemic, George’s creative career didn’t get off to the most conventional start. But he’s already built an impressive portfolio working from his kitchen table. He’s focused on creating powerful digital experiences for brands of all sizes. And he loves design that subverts and surprises, while staying user-centric.

Laura Nee
Strategic Writer

Over 15 years, Laura has created copy, ideas and strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands - turning her pen to everything from ads to websites, social to events, packaging to promos. Tone of voice is also her bag and she’s on a mission to make words work harder for every business. She speaks English and Geordie. And makes a cracking cup of tea.

Ikem Okagbue
Motion Designer

Ikem is an award-winning Motion and Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience, working across multiple media for international brands. He is highly skilled in motion design, animation, art direction, compositing, conception, and storyboarding. His attention to detail and passion for creative thinking keeps him forefront of a constantly changing industry.

Meric Pine
Film Maker

Meric Pine is a multi-disciplined creative, with great experience across a number of global brands, specialising in leading moving image projects from initial brief through to final implementation.
Conceptually strong and precise in execution, maintaining a strong awareness of emerging visual trends and technical advancements, producing considered, high-quality responses to our briefs.

Gala Lok
Project Manager

Gala hails from New York City where she has spent her career working in operations and communications across a handful of different sectors. With a mind for meticulous organisation and a few arts degrees to draw from, Gala approaches her work efficiently and creatively. She is currently based in the UK and will make a Gantt chart for just about anything.

David Magadan
Content Producer

David is a content producer with an eclectic background - and strong opinions about Mexican food. With a sharp eye for detail and a love of creative problem solving, he’s worked internationally across several industries and companies.  Currently based in NYC, he’s in training to increase his walking speed to ‘true New Yorker’ level.

Zoe Simmons
Impact Manager

Zoe has 25 years’ experience of managing teams and marketing - with 15 years at a major studio, working on over 400 films. She’s a lifelong charity supporter - and loves to combine her fundraising and commercial skills to advocate for change. When she gets a spare moment, you’ll find her in the countryside with her family and their Golden Retriever, Max.

Joey Tabone
Sustainability Climate Emergency Director

Joey is the founder and CEO of sustainability consultancy, As an urban and social geographer, he specialises in the impact that cities and people have on the climate and natural environment. He’s the driving force behind collaborative projects that link business prosperity to enhanced sustainability, improved social justice and positive action.

Paula Snyman
Finance Manager

Paula, graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelor of Economics degree. Her work experience has predominantly been in London in Operational Roles in various Top Tier Investment Banks, fuelling her travel expeditions far and wide. After exploring South America and some and work experience in Australia, she returned to Cape Town where she opts for flexibility and work-life balance.